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What is Networking

What is Networking

What is Networking:- Networking is the process to connect two or more than two system through communication channel, there are two types of communication channel used in the networking that is guided or unguided media. Two computers are said to be interconnected if they are capable of exchanging information. computer networking is used to share data. data may be picture, video, audio, software, file etc. Guided media can be physically touch and feel and it can be cross cable, twisted pair etc. Unguided media can’t be touch physically and it can be air.

What is Networking

What is Networking goals:-

Reliability: – A file can have copies on two or three different machines, so if one of them is unavailable (hardware crash) the other copies could be used for military, banking, air reservation and many other application, it is of great importance.
Communication medium: – Using a network, it is possible for managers, working for apart, to prepare financial report of the company. The changes at one end can be hence it speeds up co-operation among them.

Resource sharing: – The aim is to make all programs data and peripherals available to anyone on the network irrespective of the resource and the user.

Cost factor: – Personal computer have better price/performance ratio than micro computer. So it is better to have PC’s, one per user, with data stored on one shared file server machine.

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Application of networks:

Communication facilities: – Network use is as a communication medium.

Sharing: – Advantage of network is to provide and easy and flexible means of sharing. A mainframe may have one of each connected to it allowing all users controlled access in a cost effective manner. The failure of one node should not have a “DOMAIN” effect on the rest. This is called distributed control and is characteristic of networked system.

Access to remote database: – Access to remote database average person sitting at his PC to make reservation for airplanes, trains, and hotels and so on anywhere in the world with instant confirmation.

Advantage of network:-

Share resources:- Such as printers and scanners. this is cheaper than buying equipment for each computer.

Share storage:- Being able to access file from any system on the network can be share.

Can share software:- Software can be installed centrally rather than on each system. This is much cheaper than buying license for every system.

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