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What is Microsoft Excel

What is Microsoft Excel

What is Microsoft Excel :- Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet solution. It comes as a part of Microsoft office package. Ms excel is one of the most popular database application among various fields of the modem IT World. With the sound programming knowledge in windows platform, one can extend excel into a high platform. Excel consists of innumerable useful features but of them the two most important features are its powerful calculation capabilities and high end analytical tools. You can use Ms Excel to create and format workbook (a collection of spreadsheet) in order to analyze data and make more informed business decisions. Specifically, you can use ms-excel to track data, pivot the data in numerous ways, and present data in a variety of professional looking charts.

What is Microsoft Excel

As if there is no limitation of Excedrin terms of its application, one can’t be sure to say that after completion of any course of excel, you posses sound knowledge. Better to continue to discover its resources and implement them in your practice jobs.

What is Microsoft Excel

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Common scenarios for using Ms Excel include:-

Reporting :- You can create various types of reports in Ms Excel that reflect your data analysis or summarize your data.

For example:- Reports and measure project performance, show variance between projected and actual result or reports that you can use to forecast data.

Tracking :- you can use Ms Excel to keep track of data in a time sheet or list.

For example :- A time sheet for tracking work, or an inventory list that keeps track of equipment.

Planning :- Ms Excel is a great tool for creating professional plane or useful planner .

For example :- A weekly class plan, a marketing research plan, a yearned tax plan, or planner that help you organize weekly meals, parties or vacations.

Accounting :- You can use the powerful calculation feature of Ms Excel in many financial accounting statements.

For example :- a cash flow statement, income statement, or profaned loss statement.

Budgeting:- Whether your needs are personal or business related, you can create any type of budget in Ms Excel.

For example:- A marketing budget plan, an event budget or a retirement budget.

Billing and sales :- Ms Excel is also useful for managing billing and sales data and you can easily create the form that you need.

For example :- Sales invoices, packing slips, or purchase orders.

Using calendars :- Because of its grid like work space, Ms Excel lends itself well to creating any type of calendar.

For example :- An academic an calendar to keep track of activities during the school year, or a fiscal year calendar to track business events and milestones.

Features of ms excel :-

  1. Validating data entry in excel and access tables.
  2. Data analyzing and report.
  3. Importing and exporting of data.
  4. Use of formulas and functions for data manipulations.
  5. A group of proofing tools.
  6. Data representation by chat.
  7. Database management.
  8. Entering and formatting text and number.

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