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Types of network

Types of network

Types of network :- computer network means a group of networked computer that are linked by means of a communication system. A network can mean a small group of linked computers to a chain of a few hundred computers of different spread around the world. Thus, networks vary in size, complexity and geographical spread mostly, computers are classified on the basic of geographical spread and on this basis, and there can be four types of network.

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  1. Local area network (LAN)
  2. Metropolitan area network (MAN)
  3. Wide area network (WAN)
  4. Personal area network (PAN)

Discuss different types of network

1) Local area network (LAN)

Small computer network that are confined to a localized area are known as local area network (LAN). The key purpose of a LAN is to serve its users in resource sharing. The hardware as well as software resources are shared through LAN’s. For instance, LAN users can share data, information, programs, printer, hard-disks, modems etc. In a typical LAN configuration, one computer is designated as the file server. It stores all of the software that controls the network, as well as the software that can be shared by the computers attached to the network.

Computers connected to the file server are called workstations. The workstations can be less powerful than the file server, and they may have additional software on their hard drives. On most LAN’s, cables are used to connect the network interface cards in each computer.
Local area network covers up to 1 km or a single building because local area network is designed for small area. In the local area network, it uses very less network components to handle the networking. So we can say that Local area network decreases the maintenance cost. Local area network provides facility to easy troubleshoot in the networking (troubleshoot- to find the region of error ) since local area network is used in very small area so we can say that it has high speed data transmissions rate with less error but it covers very less people.Types of network

2) Metropolitan area network (MAN)

Metropolitan area networks are the network spread over a city. For example, cable TV networks that are spread over a city, can be termed as metropolitan area networks. The purpose of a MAN is also the sharing of hardware and software resources among its users. It covers the area from 1 km o 10 km. it has high speed network facilities and it is basically designed for metropolitan city.

3) Wide area network (WAN)

The networks spread across countries are known as WAN’s. A wide area network (WAN) IS A GROUP OF computers that are separated by large distances and tied together. it can even be a group of LAN’s that are spread across several location and connected together to look like one big LAN. The WAN’s link computers to facilitate fast and efficient exchange of information at lesser cost and higher speeds.
Computers connected to a wide area network are often connected through public networks, such as the telephone system. Sometimes they can be connected through leased line or satellites. The largest WAN in existence is the internet. As the name suggest, wide area network covers 10 km to unlimited space. Wide area network reached to more and more people and it has high maintenance cost, troubleshooting is complex and less speed.

4) Personal area network (PAN)

A personal area network (PAN) refers to a small network of communication capable (IT enabled) devices within a range of reach ability of an individual person. This range is typical up to 10 meters.
For example, when you connect two cell phones through Bluetooth, it forms a PAN. When you connect your laptop with a cell phone, this also forms a PAN. PAN can be wired or wireless. Wired PAN is established through some types of cables such as UBS cable. The wireless PAN’s (WPAN) use wireless technologies such as IrDA, Bluetooth, UWB, Z-WAVE, Zigbee etc.

Types of network

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