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wan wan:- Introduction to wide area network. A Wide area Network (WAN) is best described as a data network that covers a relatively broad geographic distance. Unlike a LAN, which is usually localized within a relatively small area such as a single office, building or small campus, a WAN will …

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History of computer Network

History of computer Network History of computer network technology. The merging of computer and communication has a profound influence on the way systems are organized. the concept of computer center as a room with a large computer to which the users bring their work for processing is now obsolete. the …

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Types of network

Types of network Types of network :- computer network means a group of networked computer that are linked by means of a communication system. A network can mean a small group of linked computers to a chain of a few hundred computers of different spread around the world. Thus, networks …

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What is Networking

What is Networking What is Networking:- Networking is the process to connect two or more than two system through communication channel, there are two types of communication channel used in the networking that is guided or unguided media. Two computers are said to be interconnected if they are capable of …

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