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What is operating system processes

What is operating system processes In computing, a process is an instance of a computer program that is being executed. It contains the program code and its activity. While a computer program is a passive collection of instructions, a process is the actual execution of those instructions. Several processes may …

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Services of Operating System

Services of Operating System An Operating System provides services to both the users and to the programs. In technical terms, it is software which manages hardware. An operating System controls the allocation of resources and services such as memory, processors, devices and information. Services of Operating System It provides programs, …

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Types of operating system

Types of operating system This section describes various types of Operating Systems. Operating systems are there from the very first computer generation. Operating systems keep evolving over the period of time. Following are few of the important types of operating system which are most commonly used. Read:- Difference Between Hacker …

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Definition of Operating System

Definition of Operating System An operating system is system software. It’s manage software and hardware. An operating System (OS) is an intermediary between users and computer hardware. It provides users an environment in which a user can execute programs conveniently and efficiently. In technical terms, it is software which manages …

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