Python is a programming language with origins in the late 1980’s. Guido van Rossum, the creator, was looking to develop a language as a hobby project to supersede the ABC programming language. Taking cues from the popular C language, it was created to be a powerful but easy to understand scripting language. The term “scripting language” refers to the fact that written code is not actually compiled, but rather it is interpreted by an application. Normally this means that scripting languages are not nearly as powerful as actual programming languages. For Python, though, the opposite is true- the language remains one of the most powerful available for web servers and desktop clients. Development of Python continued throughout the 1990’s until version 2 was released in 2000.

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The interpreter behind Python became intricate enough that current versions of Python are almost indistinguishable from lower level programming languages. Throughout the mid 2000’s and even now, it continues to be developed by Guido van Rossum and a team of dedicated volunteers. The language gained great popularity due to its many benefits, and popular websites such as YouTube, Reddit, and Instagram even use it for functionality. It seems as though Python will continue to grow for many more years as companies adopt the easy to use but highly useful Python language.

Why Use Python

When first starting out learning how to program, the huge amount of options, information, and advice can be truly intimidating. Some experts claim that the difficult but time-honored C language is the best start, but other professionals say starting on an easier language such as Java or it will give the learner a chance to actually absorb key concepts. it is recommended for this exact reason- programming will not be as foreign and confusing by starting with a straightforward scripting language. it is easy to understand, an elegant and clean language, and free of many of the complicated symbols and markings that are used elsewhere.

Often accomplishing a task using it only requires a few lines of neatly formatted code. Large companies such as Google, Disney, NASA, and Yahoo all use Python for their own programs; having Python knowledge could potentially land a programmer a job working at a high-profile organization. Moreover, because it is continuously developed today with new features always being added, interest in the language will continuously increase with time. More companies will discover that Python is an exceedingly useful programming language, so learning it now will prepare you for the future.


In addition to being easy and fast, Python also has various other benefits. Python is very portable, meaning that Python code can run on a variety of different operating systems. Windows, Mac OSX and Linux distributions are all supported directly, and code written on one platform can be used on all of them. Power is not compromised by Python’s ease-of-use. The interpreter behind the scripting language is able to turn near-natural English commands into low-level processor instructions that put it on par with actual programming languages. Big name companies choose to use Python because of this, and as websites such as YouTube and Pinterest prove, it has a wide range of functionality. it is clean and retains a focus on readable code. Style and formatting are usually left up to individual programmers, but with Python neatness is absolutely required.

For beginner programmers this instills good programming practices, which will dally help with Python and any other languages the novice wishes to learn. Ease of development and testing also propel python above other similar languages. Code can be run instantly with the interpreter which allows for rapid prototyping. Being able to quickly test out code means that bugs can be fixed quickly, allowing more time for other development goals. Conclusively, it is the perfect language for beginners. Both simple to develop for and learn, it is also decently powerful. Fantastic for newcomers and those just starting out programming, it remains the top choice of technology companies everywhere. Learning the language will prove to be useful now and into the future as its popularity continues to grow.

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