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Microsoft Access and its features

Microsoft Access and its features

Microsoft Access and its features:- microsoft Access is a powerful relation data base management system (“RDBMS”) package and is the part of Microsoft Office and it is developed by Microsoft Corporation here, it is to be clear that Access package provide collection of control to create Table, Form, Query, Report etc. In the MS Access package you can use both front end and back end to developed small Software. The extension of Ms Access file is “.accdb” (Access-2007) or “.mdb” (Access-2003).

Microsoft Access and its features

Microsoft Access and its features

Feature of Ms Access:-

  1. You can create more then one relation.
  2. You can create relationship such as one to many and many to one to one between the table.
  3. Access also provides to create a report where reports is a material that will print.
  4. You can also protect access file with password

Import and Export are one of the best feature of Access by which you can export the data from Access to Excel to Other database and also you can import Excel data or Oracle data to the Access.

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Q:- What is record.?

Ans:- It is the collection of data having different datatype arranged in horizontal form is called record. It is also called row.

Q:- What is Field.

Ans:- It hold collection of data having same datatype arranged in vertical form is called field. It is called column.

Q:- What is table.

Ans:- Table is the combination of row and column. It is also called relation. In the Access file all tables should have Unique table.

Q:- What is primary key.

Ans:- It is use uniquely identify the record.

Q:- What is foreign key.

Ans:- It is the type of attribute which is use to identify the field will uniquely identify the record or the field is referenced will another table.

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