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Dark web

Dark web

To understand the effect of Dark Web data, it is first important to separate the Deep Web From its shadowy counterpart. The report, “The Impact of the Dark Web on Internet Governance and Security,” defines the Deep Web as a class of content on the Internet that, For various reasons, is not indexed by search engines. For most major engines, this lack of Indexing is tied to profit. While the information is readily available to those who look, so Few are interested that actively crawling for this content provides little or no return on Investment. The Dark Web, meanwhile, is a part of the Deep Web that has been intentionally hidden And is inaccessible through standard Web browsers. Powered by networks such as TOR And I2P, this hidden Web makes it possible for users to remain entirely anonymous.

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Dark web
Dark web

While In some cases, this anonymity is used simply as a way to protect free speech or for Government agencies to keep top-secret data under wraps, there is another side to this Darker corner of the Web filled with cybercrime, the transfer of illegal goods and even Terrorism. Are Internet governance and cyber security even possible in this environment? Deep net, Undernet, the Invisible Web or the Hidden Web. Any name we pick for it, the Concept is still the same. An enormous amount of communication, data, and content lurks Under the open Web and remains invisible and untraceable for the most of us. The Dark Web is an underground Internet, hidden from search engines and standard Browsers, where many variations of illegal activity take place every day. The “surface Web” is less than 0.1% of the total internet.

National Intelligence organizations have a good hold on Federal or international criminal Activity on about 70% of the deep web. The other 30% are carefully hidden from view. What is that people actually do on the Deep Web? Although we can’t assume everything Happening there is illegal, many users exploit anonymity to: Sharing illegal content such as child pornography, copyrighted materials and more Transferring sensitive information (corporate espionage) Sell illegally acquired data on black markets The cost of security breaches and other cyber threats ranges in the hundreds of billions per Year worldwide. Sensitive data breaches, malware, online identity theft and cyber-attacks Are just some of the common events that menace the stability and the business of medium And large companies all over the world.

How to monitor the Dark Web

As the early signs of cyber-attacks can be traced back to anonymous communication in The Dark Web, a complete risk prevention system has to deal systematically with any type Of content related to the brand in question. A global cyber surveillance and monitoring platform like Massive’s Strixus allows Companies of any size to enjoy complete security and protection through intelligence. Strixus early warning system means that the correct strategies can be put into place to Fight any type of threat. The Dark Web is carefully monitored 24/7 to make sure that your Company is 100% safe. By monitoring of the Dark Web we mean, the observation and collection of vital Intelligence on the entire world-wide internet so that companies may be proactive in their Digital security.

This would include, but is not limited to: Detection of phishing attempts Actionable attack intelligence (“Will you be hacked tomorrow?”) Sensitive data exposed through unsecured file transfers Data leaks through staff oversight Compromised employee accounts and company servers Company consumer data being sold to the underground black market Stolen financial data (credit, debit, PayPal, …) Tracking money launderers Detection of credit cards Detection of compromised terminals and devices Bot net depositories.

The Solution

Threat actors can access you and work out strategies for a breach, but so can we watch Their every move. Internet monitoring of the world wide and Deep Web will locate Instances of sensitive data or attack intent relating to your brand, its key assets, private Information and consumer data. If it shows its head or is being discussed, it will be found.

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