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excel data validation list

excel data validation list

excel data validation list means Excel enables you to restrict the values a user can enter in a cell. By restricting values, you ensure that your worksheet entries are valid and that calculations based on them thereby are valid as well. During data entry, a validation list forces anyone using your worksheet to select a value from a drop-down menu rather than typing it and potentially typing the wrong information. In this way, validation lists save time and reduce errors. To create a validation list, type the values you want to include into adjacent cells in a column or row.

You may want to name the range. After you type your values, use the Data Validation dialog box to assign values to your validation list. Then copy and paste your validation list into the appropriate cells by using the Paste Special Validation option. You may want to place your validation list in an out of-the-way place on your worksheet or on a separate worksheet.

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Steps to apply excel data validation list:-

1 . first of all write the option in vertical way in any cell i will select cell G1 and G2 because i have only two option MALE and FEMALE

excel data validation list

2. Now select the range where you want to create a validation list.

excel data validation list

3. Click the Data tab Now Click Data Validation drop down in the Data Tools group. Then click on data validation option.

excel data validation list

4. Now  Data Validation dialog box appears on the screen.

excel data validation list

5. Click the Settings tab than click on drop down of allow option. then select List option. Now select source option.

6. Choose the list of MALE and FEMALE. Then click on that red option.

7. Now click on ok option.

8. Choose cell then drop down box will appear now choose the option.

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