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About Input Devices

About Input Devices

The devices which are responsible for input data into computer that is called input devices. We know that lost of hardware components that is used to give instruction to computer is called input device.

About Input Devices

About Input Devices

These are as follows:-


The keyboard is the most common, important and widely used input device. It allows us to input data or information into computer for processing and wanted result. It is provide facility we can communicate with computer.


The mouse is an another popular input device i.e. used in addition to he keyboard. It is an pointing device which pointers is appears in computer’s desktop or windows environment for easily access files, folders, resources, etc. of computer. With the help of mouse buttons we can give instructions to the computer only pressing it.

Note:- Mouse is a pointing device.

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Bar Code Reader (“BCR”) :-

It is an electronic reader that read the values or quantity printed on the products, which are put in the form of vertical bars called bar code. It is a series of black strips of various thin or thick on a white background. Each bar code contains information about item. Bar codes are often used to keep track of large quantities of items. The bar code used in market on products like books, departmental store items, cloths etc.

Optical Character Reader (“OCR”):-

It is a device used for recognized characters. The machine called as scanner, uses light or optics to read text from a piece of paper. Special types of software that used to compare the pattern of signals sent from the scanner to hold in memory. When a match is made, a signal is sent to the computer. Optical character reader (OCR) depends on the computer matching of two parts. The optical character readers have slightly irregular typeface. They can read the characters printed by the computer printers, adding machines, typewriters, etc.

Optical Mark Reader (“OMR”):-

It is being used to read the answer sheet with the help of electrical light. It can read up to 150 documents per minute. Optical mark readers are commonly used for scoring test. Optical mark reader also can be used for such applications as order writing, payroll, inventory control, insurance, questionnaires, etc.

Magnetic Ink Character Reader (“MICR”):-

This system is used a special type of ink to print characters. Special magnetic device can decode these characters. This system is widely used by banks for processing “CHEQUE”. Magnetic ink character reader is used for check the validity of “CHEQUE” and stop cheating cases.


It is also a pointing device that control the active application like games. A joystick is an input device that is used to move the objects on the screen. It is basically used for video games. It is a hand held device has buttons on the top for send commands to the computer. A joystick also has additional buttons for sending different types of commands.

Light Pen:-

It is used as a pointing device. A person can point the pen and can draw a line or curves on the screen. It may be noted that the light pen does not emit light. The light sensitive diode at the tip of the pen would sense the light coming from the screen. The light pen is also useful for graphics works.

Touch Screen:-

A touch screen is a screen or visual display unit, which respond to the touch of a finger or other pointer. Generally a number of choices are displayed on screen as picture or icons. The user touches the icon that represents their choice, and the computer display information about that choice. Touch screen works by sending a signal to computer when it touched. This gives the location on the screen, which has been touched. The touch screen used in banking, shopping malls, airports, etc.

Voice or Speech Input:-

One of the most exciting areas of research is in recognizing human voice or human speech, so that this could be fed as to the computer directly. This approach would eliminate the need for keying in data and would facilitate untrained user to use the computer very easily.


It is a graphics input device which is directly copies images from a paper or photograph and convert it into the digital format for display, storage and graphic manipulations. It has been the use by publisher for done the DTP work effectively or efficiently.

Electronic Card Reader (“ECR”):-

It is a card allows us to direct input data into a computer system. The electronic-card reader is connected to a computer system and reads the data encoded on an electronic card and transfer it to the computer system for further processing. Electronic cards are plastic card with data encoded on them and meant for a specific application. Electronic card may be an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) card.

Smart Card:-

It is also a card i.e. used to direct input data into a computer system. It is a new development that has a built-in-microprocessor chip where data can be permanently stored. It is access the information of an employee, when they insert a card or badge in the reader. This device reads and checks the authorization code before permitting the individual to enter into a secured area. It is gaining the popularity in market.

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